Olive’s Emporium – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained…


Well here we are at Olive’s Emporium with less than a week until our first sale! Excited and nervous in equal measure – there is still so much to do…

We have collected lots of lovely treasures to bring with us, that we hope you will love so much you will want to take them home.

A glorious silky mountain of vintage scarves needs to be gently pressed and layered with tissue paper ready to travel.

We have been busily making tea cup candles in beautiful vintage tea cups to grace your bedside table or tea party. As well as old-fashioned traditional hand-made beeswax candles with a choice of quirky pre-loved  holders, that we think are very tempting….

Parcels of special stickers, stamps and stripey bags have been arriving for wrapping and packing…. in fact everything is moving forward apace. All we need now is the stall and some customers!

Join us on Saturday 5th May 2012 at Going for a Song at The Amersham Arms, New Cross